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Thompson Opens eXp Realty Branch Office in Minden

Minden has a new real estate agency ready to help people in the area buy or sell their real estate property. Dawn Thompson, Branch Office Manager of the Minden location, pursued the opportunity of opening an eXp Realty branch in Minden to better serve her clients.

“I had been working at Rhynalds since moving to Minden in 2009 and decided it was time for a change. My focus has always been real estate and not the auction side of the business so I felt this move would help me better serve my clients,” Thompson explained. ”I always want to make sure each and every client feels like they are taken care of and that we are sering them to the best of our abilities.”

Similarly focused on providing the best to their clients, Realtors Lynette Beahm and Karson Wentling joined Thompson at eXp Realty.

“Karson and Lynette chose to come to eXp with me because they too feel the same way I do about customer service and we are always trying to better ourselves as Realtors by continued training and learning new technology to better market our clients’ properties,” Thompson said.

Thompson herself has been a Realtor for nearly 12 years although she has more than 30 years of experience in various real estate related jobs. Beahm has been a Nebraska Realtor for almost 30 years and Wentling has been a licensed Realtor for one year. Their background and drive to excel aligns well with eXp Realty’s business model.

“Excellence, Exceptional, Experts, Experienced are some words that support eXp’s core values of integrity, community, service, innovation, collaboration and lastly, fun,” Thompson said.

The company is supportive of its Realtors and allows their agents the freedom to manage their branches independently which was very attractive to Thompson and her colleagues.

“I chose eXp because they empower their agents to manage their own businesses, yet we are also able to receive top-notch technology and training,” Thompson said.

Thompson and her colleagues are excited to put their expertise to work for their clients.

“While it may seem like our focus is only residential, we can also help with commercial and land sales as well. We are able to sell real estate anywhere in Nebraska, but choose to focus on Central Nebraska since that is where our knowledge lies,” Thompson said.

Whether you are selling or buying, eXp Realty in Minden is eager to serve. Visit dawnthompson.exprealty.com or call Dawn at 308.830.2835, Karson at 308.880.0944, or Lynette at 308.830.1075.

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