Real Estate Agent Janet Wingrove Shares Her Journey and Tips for Success on Agents Lounge Podcast



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In the latest episode of Agents Lounge podcast, real estate expert Janet Wingrove opens up about her journey in the industry, sharing valuable insights and experiences that have contributed to her success.

\"\"Janet Wingrove, a successful real estate agent with Keller Williams Heritage, was recently featured on the Agents Lounge podcast, where she shared her inspiring journey and provided valuable tips for success in the real estate industry. In the episode, hosted by Nathan Gaylor and Francisco Bermudez Jr, Janet discussed her entry into the real estate business back in 2007. As a stay-at-home mom at the time, Janet was seeking a flexible career that would allow her to be available for her daughter while still pursuing her professional goals. She obtained her real estate license and started part-time, gradually transitioning to full-time as her passion for the industry grew. Janet reflected on the challenges she faced during her early years in real estate, particularly the transition from part-time to full-time work. “The goals were very different when I was part-time,” she explained. “When my daughter got into middle school, I decided to really buckle down and change my business. So essentially I started all over. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.” The interview also delved into Janet’s recent move to Keller Williams Heritage and the positive impact it has had on her business. She highlighted the support and entrepreneurial focus provided by the brokerage, allowing her team to build their own brand and business. Janet emphasized the importance of separating work from home life and the motivation she finds in working alongside like-minded professionals. Throughout the episode, Janet shared her strategies for building a strong client base, including networking, referral partnerships, and hosting client appreciation events. She emphasized the significance of nurturing relationships with clients throughout the transaction and beyond, focusing on providing exceptional service to turn clients into lifelong friends and advocates. When asked about her advice for new real estate agents, Janet encouraged them to start early and consider investing in real estate themselves. “Real estate is an inexpensive business to get into, and if you put in the effort, you can make good money at a young age,” she explained. “Also, consider investing in properties as a way to generate residual income.” 

Janet’s episode on the Agents Lounge podcast offers valuable insights and inspiration for both new and experienced real estate professionals. Her story of determination and success serves as a testament to the power of hard work and building strong relationships within the industry.

About Agents Lounge: 

Agents Lounge is a podcast hosted by Nathan Gaylor and Francisco Bermudez Jr, dedicated to sharing insights, stories, and strategies from top-performing real estate professionals. Each episode features engaging conversations and valuable tips to help listeners succeed in the industry.

About the Agents Lounge Podcast:

The Agents Lounge Podcast is a dynamic and informative podcast hosted by Nathan Gaylor and Francisco Bermuda Jr. The podcast explores the world of real estate and features discussions with industry experts, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Listeners gain valuable insights and advice to help navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape.

About the show sponsor: 

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